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  1. doubter13

    Sonarr 3

    not a problem i am running without any issues i think i will stay with the auto updates, as the "trick" with the manual install bailed me out, but featurewise you probably could stay with the versions you have and only update to versions that offer new features and dont use autoupdates
  2. doubter13

    Sonarr 3

    hi, @Shanester i also had "connection refused", it looks like sonar is not starting up correctly with sonar 3.0.3 you should find all config and log files under share/SONARR3_CONFIG here in the logs directory you should find the log files that should at least give you some hints one way to start is to install on top of the existing version, so you dont loose your config/database for me downloading from the qnap repository inside the qnap appcenter did not work, so i downloaded the qpkg from here and install manually this way you should at least get a log with more info
  3. doubter13

    Sonarr 3

    hi, maybe someone can help me.. I just realised my Sonarr stopped working a while a go. the last logg file is form 220-10-11 and the last entry was about a restart in the update log I see it did an upgrade "Updating Sonarr from version to version" the update supposedly completed successfully but since then I didn't start I tried to stop and restart it and the Qnap qui tells me its started again but I don't see any new logs is there a way to start it from shell and try to see any errors there? I also tried "upgrading" it with the latest package from the qnapclub repository but still no luck ok, it was a bug in 971 the trick was installing it again, I tried it via the GUI but it did not work so I downloaded the package and installed manually and updated again to the latest phantom version.
  4. doubter13

    Sonarr 3

    great! but is this a typo? official version is Edit; Yes, it is a typo, I installed the version and it shows up as
  5. doubter13

    Sonarr 3

    any updates on this? I am also interested in how this goes forward... the official beta is already on and the download version fro QNAP is and the last update version via the webUI is don't get me wrong the version we have works perfectly for me but the fact that there is a newer version out there triggers my update OCD