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  1. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Hi, what is difference between light and normal version ?
  2. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Can confrim this issue, just notice it yesterday.
  3. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Only can recomend to uninstall kodi and hd station and install it new from scratch. I have same setup and it is working for me.
  4. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Older version is working? https://uloz.to/!8dlyg9OQ86Qs/kodi18-18-1-0-1-x86-64-qpkg
  5. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Thanks for awesome work, hbo go is working perfectly! Btw here is version which works also on QTS 4.3.6 : https://uloz.to/!8dlyg9OQ86Qs/kodi18-18-1-0-1-x86-64-qpkg
  6. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Hi, is there kodi for qnap- QPKG avalibile with: Inputstream adaptive?  Netflix and hbogo is not working without it...
  7. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    Yes it works
  8. hlavva

    Kodi Leia

    For kodi 18.1 install on QTS 4.3.6 1) uninstall hybrid desk station 2)download and install hybrid desk station from here: https://download.qnap.com/QPKG/HDV3/General/HD_Station_4.0.1_x86_64_20181018.zip 3) install this kodi: https://uloz.to/!Wk4Dt9pIfIE6/kodi18-18-1-0-0-qpkg Also have question, is there kodi QPKG avalibile with: Inputstream adaptive Same problém for netflix