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  1. Xmantium

    Kodi Leia

    Thankyou sooo much for the quick response and new build with the required plugins!! Netflix is now working!! Im sure other addons will now work!
  2. Xmantium

    Kodi Leia

    After further investigating it does appear Qnapclub didn't include inputstream.adaptive in their installation maybe due to not being included in an RC build I've just checked the addons folder and there is no "inputstream.adaptive" folder, hence why the option to enable it doesn't appear.I copied a non x86_64 compiled folder from another source and then the option to enable inputstream appears. Please can you include inputstream.adaptive from https://github.com/peak3d/inputstream.adaptive
  3. Xmantium

    Kodi Leia

    Hi, I there's something missing in the installation of Kodi and this is the reason inputstream adaptive is not working I think this is the fix https://github.com/asciidisco/plugin.video.netflix/issues/451 The symlink is missing hence why the plugins don't appear Please can you update Kodi with this fix