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    I am a new one arround here.... I do have 2 qnap nas.....and I want to make it work the MOTTERMOST app ver.5.10.0...but I really can`t pass the first page.... I put in the webpage that opens thes user / pass qnap...than opens the page that shows the public IP and the option to Launch Mattermost UI. Previously I put in the config file the local IP { "ServiceSettings": { "SiteURL": "", "WebsocketURL": "", "LicenseFileLocation": "", "ListenAddress": "", "ConnectionSecurity": "", "TLSCertFile": "", "TLSKeyFile": "", "UseLetsEncrypt": false, "LetsEncryptCertificateCacheFile": "./config/letsencrypt.cache", "Forward80To443": false, "ReadTimeout": 300, "WriteTimeout": 300, .....and I restarted the NAS......but allways shows me....ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I also redirected (before ) the port 8065 to the NAS ...What do I have to do next?.......Thanks !!!!
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    Hola desde Madrid

    Hola!! Soy Daniel ...un forofo de la tecnología pero un novato en definitiva... Tengo un NAS TS253Pro y otro TS212 y les estoy dando caña.....a ratos...