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    Hi, I've just generated my certificates with lego (interface to Let'sEncrypt) Please explain, how to do this with qpkg package: To enable HTTPS, you need to configure the ROCKET_TLS. The values to the option must follow the format: ROCKET_TLS={certs="/path/to/certs.pem",key="/path/to/key.pem"} Where: certs: a path to a certificate chain in PEM format key: a path to a private key file in PEM format for the certificate in certs docker run -d --name bitwarden \ -e ROCKET_TLS='{certs="/ssl/certs.pem",key="/ssl/key.pem"}' \ -v /ssl/keys/:/ssl/ \ -v /bw-data/:/data/ \ -p 443:80 \ bitwardenrs/server:latest
  2. BladesMaster


    Latest version 1.9.1 is much, much better than 1.9.0. Now I can connect both with Android application and with Windows client, even Chrome extension connects (but error: Cannot read property 'importKey' of null from Chrome browser is still here). Thanks to maintainer for the fix. Now the only thing I have to understand is how to configure https access so that I will be able to enter from Google Chrome. Maybe somebody can write some small instruction, how to configure https access for this QNAP package? As first step, I installed LeGo qpkg - Let's Encrypt console client, and of course I have basic knowledge about SSH access, shell commands and port forwarding on home router. But I don't know, how to configure this package to use certificate (this is what is written in manual about Docker image) e.t.c. and I'm not Linux guru. Tiny step by step instruction will be appreciated Best regards
  3. BladesMaster


    Hi, Same problem with DB connections, I configured NextCloud to work with MySql. My device is TS-251 (Intel CPU, 8G memory) Maybe somebody can help? This problem makes QPKG almost unusable - it crashes each few hours Temporary I am using Docker image to check if same problem exists in NextCloud core code, or this is a problem, introduced in QPKG Docker image works perfectly without crashes, so something is not good either with NextCloud qpkg or with QApache (php) Best regards
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    Does not work on my QNAP TS-251: when I tried to enter my account, I got error: Cannot read property 'importKey' of null Version x86-64. Account is configured with 2 factor authentication (maybe this is a par of use case) This occurs in chrome only. When I tried to configure Windows client to use local server-I got error "Failed to fetch" on login The only way I succeeded to access server is with Microsoft Edge This version is completely unusable Maintainer, please fix