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  1. nikodu78

    Kodi Leia

    I tried QTS no problem to install I have installed HD_Station 4.0.2 (almost 15 min to do it ) and it's starting but I have allways the same resolution problem 800x600 only HD_Station installed by App_Center manually (Icon on top right) I have open a ticket by qnap support
  2. nikodu78

    Hello world

    Hello all, I have a TS-251+, first for personal backup for my PCs and for my wife for MacBookPro , everything is OK Also I have installed the NAS under my TV and I use it as smartTv with Kodi on HybridDesk , I'm allways discovering new things and ideas on that side !Internet radio, multimedia player, photo slideshow ... I love this box
  3. nikodu78

    Kodi Leia

    Hi DotorJellybean, From my side I needed to install first HDPlayer and start one time to be able to use Kodi ... I don't know why it seems that by installing HDplayer some mandatory modules or drivers are installed to be shared by Kodi (As HDplayer seems to be a derivate version of old kodi version) Hope help
  4. nikodu78

    Kodi Leia

    Hi & Thanks you all for sharing your experience. I have a TS-251+ which was working fine with modified HD 4.0.1 (provided here) and Kodi 18.2 / QTS This night I have installed last QTS 4.4.1 available for TS-251+ I make an update of HD to last official HD 4.0.2 at this stage I have a HD screen resolution problem as only 800x600 seems adressable on my TS-251+. I come back to last HD 4.0.1 (provided here and not available anymore on Qnap.com) , all resolutions are now available (1920x1080p 50hz/60hz max) and Kodi 18.2 seems ok . Do you have idea how to fixe with HD 4.0.2 ?