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    Thanks, great to see this package updated! I was experiencing the same issues with crashes mentioned above before the update on X41 hardware. Incidentally, to run qBittorrent (before and after the update) I have to: 1. SSH into the NAS 2. (First time only) Manually change the port in /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.sh to something unused in the 40000s using vim 3. Run /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.sh start to start qBittorrent (Note: If you Ctrl+C while still connected to that SSH terminal, qBittorrent will terminate - I naively thought I was getting crashes before figuring that one out) I originally thought it was because of an issue with the port used, but upon further investigation it seems that qBittorrent just isn't being started correctly from the QNAP Web UI as the default port works when starting from an SSH session - any idea why? Also note this kills the process when exiting SSH (I'm pretty sure it used to keep it alive) and I don't see a way of keeping it running - screen seems to be the only tool available for the job but it doesn't work (most likely thanks to my NAS model having outdated software, thanks QNAP): $ screen /var/run/utmp: No such file or directory Cannot find termcap entry for 'xterm-256color'.
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    Hi, I was just wondering if there are plans for releasing QBittorrent 4.x for the arm-x41 architecture? Currently it appears there are two packages: 'QBittorrent' - (x86_64 and ARM-X41) which is almost 2 years out of date (version 3.3.16). 'QBittorrent4' - (x86_64 only) which is more up to date (version 4.1.5). I ask as the web interface back on 3.3.16 leaves something to be desired. Thanks/Merci