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  1. wube


    Hi again, I have a question to developer of QNAP Domoticz version. Why Python is not included as supported? Is there any chance that in next version it will be included?
  2. wube


    Looks like no one is actually willing to respond to this nor any other questions from different users in qnap club forum. Anyway just wanted to let you know that i cleared browser cache changed few different browsers and that didn't help. The way around it for me was to install HABridge in container station. This helped and it's working fine.
  3. wube


    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to use python plugins with this version of domoticz on QNAP and there is no information in the log about the PluginSystem being started or not. Another thing is that I have python script which should turn on and off TP-Link smart socket HS100 and script works from command line but not when copied to scripts in domoticz and dummy switch populated with command that should start it. Is there any way to determine if this particular domoticz release was built with python support or not? Or any advice how to get PluginSystem started? Thank you very much in advance.
  4. wube


    Hi, I'm running HABridge 5.3.0 on TS-251 with QTS firmware. I have two issues with it: 1. Ii can't change port to 80 and it doesn't matter if i do it from ssh in config file or via webgui. 2. When I stop the service from App Center, it shows that its stopped but when I enter the ip and port i can still see that it's running and I can change/modify the parameters Before November 19 0- this wasn't happening at all and I'm using it for over 3 years. Even getting back to old versions didn't help. Any ideas how to successfully change the port to 80?