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    SuperTux Kart

    Is there an update planned for HDStation >4.0.0 ?
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    Is there an update planned for HDStation >4.0.0 ?
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    UltraStar Deluxe

    Thank you for this good work and also thanks for the songs path. I had issues by adding songs, too. And I didn't find this path. But solution was to easy to get it fast... folders were hidden and so I didn't see them with WinSCP Now my question. I'm using Ultrastar Deluxe for longer time on my Windows PC. Is it possible to add an additional path for song dir? There is an config.ini in windows version where I can add additional paths for songs. But I didn't find a similar file in USDX files on my QNAP NAS. I want to use a network folder for my windows and my QNAP USDX versions. Hope you can help me. Best thanks!