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  1. misterm15


    Hello, thank you! This worked for me! @erostrate103 please check the "guide" one page earlier. I also got confused, paid 10 bucks for the application and no instruction available at all from offical qpkg download side.. Regards
  2. misterm15


    Hello, got Bitwarden sucessfully installed and https:// via a Letsencrypt certificate issued from the qnap ssl center running browsers. When i try to connect to my domain and port via an android device i get following error message: "Exeption message: java.security.cert CertPathValidatorExeption: Trust anchor for certification path not found.! Paths to the ssl certificate are as shown in this thread. ROCKET_TLS={certs="/mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/QcloudSSLCertificate/cert/cert",key="/mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/QcloudSSLCertificate/cert/key"} Can someone please help me here? Thanks in advance and have a good day!