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    Ok so at what point do you need help? Have you already been in contact with the linux terminal/bash? First things first, have you installed kitty or putty while I personally prefer kitty and winscp? if not please go ahead and install them first.
  2. 9_Mad-Max_5


    Mhm sadly running still in the same issue. Really hoped that it works out. But as I understand the file is still the same as combine. This is already provided from stock but didn't work either.
  3. 9_Mad-Max_5


    Hi, I got the same error. But in addition I'm using traefik as a reverse proxy. I tested bitwarden on windows aswell as the chrome extension. While those a running really good on the android phone I got the exact same issues on several phones. With those I don't have a issue and all the SSL certs are fine.