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  1. Shanester

    Sonarr 3

    Yeah, I also pulled the trigger and let it update the most recent, and all seems well so far. But at least I have a trick available should the issue occur again. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Shanester

    Sonarr 3

    @doubter13 - OK, thank you - I'm back up and running on Best I can tell, something went haywire when it updated to, since October 10 was the last date of my automated backup or log files until today. Probably gonna flip a coin regarding whether to wait here for a while or go ahead and plow on to and beyond..... Thanks for the help.
  3. Shanester

    Sonarr 3

    @doubter13 - Is there a resource that provides info on log files and manual install instructions? Mine ( also stopped working sometime in the last week, and no amount of stopping and restarting or rebooting the NAS has had any effect. It says my connection is "refused" when I try to access it. I really don't want to risk uninstalling and losing all my config if I can help it. Also would be interested in where you got newer releases.... Thanks for any advice you can offer!