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  1. Kodi17

    > le firmware installé ce matin ( Shouldn't this be Or have I been asleep? -- Chris
  2. LogicalDoc

    I seem to have got past that hurdle by restarting the QNAP. There may have been some junk left over from a previous aborted installation of the enterprise version. But now I'm presented with a login dialogue box I can't get past. The instructions I've found say: "In order to log on to the system, you have to point your browser to the URL where LogicalDOC is installed (this may be an address on your network). Once there, a login form is presented in which you have to enter your username, password…" The first part of that is fine, achieved. The second part is totally unhelpful. What username, password? Is there a default I don't know about. Is this the user/pass to my QNAP (apparently not)? Where is this user/pass being checked? Locally? At LogicalDocs HQ? A button below offers to help with an email if I've forgotten my password. I don't think I've FORGOTTEN it; it's just that I don't know what password we're talking about here? But I fill in the form, assuming user name "admin" and give my email address. No response. Any help at all with this would be very welcome. MOMENTS LATER OK, seems I was missing a setup step. After restarting the LogicalDoc package a couple of times it presented me with a setup screen where I could establish a user name. That done it provided me with the default user/pass, which now seems to be working. -- Chris
  3. LogicalDoc

    I'm not having much luck getting started with LogicalDoc CE 7.6.5 installed from the QnapClub (together with QJDK8 1.8.111). This is on a TS-451 with 4x6TB WD Reds. When I try to open LogicalDoc under Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my MacBook (MacOS 10.12.6) it opens a new tab with the message " refused to connect". Chrome is already connected to this IP address (it's my QNAP, obviously) so this suggests to me it's trying to connect to a daemon that isn't running. But I've no idea how to configure this. I've tried stopping LogicalDoc, starting it again, then trying to reopen it. Re-fail. The "Tutorial" link just takes me to a page promoting the enterprise edition. What am I missing? -- Chris
  4. Kodi17

    Yup, moi aussi. Kodi 17.3 fails to install with "data file error". No problem with Kodi 17.0. Do we have a fix for this?