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  1. amarkr2000


    Thank you for looking at this one It does now open, but crashes out when select a video to play - also the QNAP remote doesnt work within the App
  2. amarkr2000


    I cant get this to work on Qnap 251+ QTS It shows as an app in HD Station and when click on it get spinning circle for about 10 seconds and then nothing.Tried restarting the NAS installing it from QNAP Club, installing the qpkg manually but doesnt help.Really looking for a simple but customisable alternative to HD Player that other members of family can use without all the bells and whistles getting in the way. Used 'Movian' on a 'box' before and liked its simplicity albeit doesnt look that great but understand this 'showtime' version is skinned so was hoping it would look better.Any advice would be appreciated