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  1. RBandeira

    PHP 7 request

    Hi, I need Php 7 in my Qnap TS-228 and I couldn't find how to update my NAS (PHP 5). I bought the Php7.2.9 from QNAP Club Fr ( ) and I couldn't install it. Probably a question off compatibility. Does anybody knows how to get my Ts-228 updated? Thanks for your help.
  2. RBandeira

    Hello I'm new here

    Hi everybody, How are you doing? Great. I'm new here and I was working with a netgear NAS and after one year I bought this NAS they stopped all support for that model. Lol... Then I decided to change and I recently got a QNap TS-228. The problem is that it has a PHP 5 and I need a PHP 7... but this is another question I will post later. Thanks. Ricardo