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  1. OKAY....got it....no ability to use the phpPgAdmin tool, but of course also not being able to use the orig. PostgreSQL app beside. So QPostgreSQL only able to run the Odoo app, does not make sense for my QNAP NAS.
  2. Odoo only runs with the QpostgreSQL . But there is no phpPgAdmin management possible. The PGWeb tool does not work on my NAS. So if not being able to manage the QpostgreSQL DB with an admin tool this DB does not make any sense for me. With the official PostgreSQL and the phpPgAdmin I can manage all DBs. Also tried the Odoo 12 win version running on any ClientPC and then connecting with the QNAP NAS PostgreSQL as DB. Works fine (of course the Odoo running files must be installed on the Clients, but 300MB for today's HDs should not be any problem). So maybe there is another point of view for a plus why QpostgreSQL should be used, and I only did not get it. If so, tell me
  3. All works fine with the PostgreSQL, a double click opens the phpPgAdmin tool. No version of the QPostgreSQL opens the phpPgAdmin tool, so no ability to work with the DB. My Qnap Firmware is: Any help possible? Thanks very much