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  1. Spikemixture

    Sonarr 3

    Hi I have used version 3 for over a year. Having lots of issues over the last month or more. Refresh Series runs continuously as it has done for 6 days - since the last fresh install! and lots of these - 20-2-10 17:46:34.7|Error|DownloadedEpisodesImportService|Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: I have checked all permissions and they appear to be correct. sonarr3A.txt debugA.txt Sonarr is on a qnap 1277 with the latest firmware
  2. Spikemixture

    Sonarr 3

    I am confused ! I have Version on my TVS 1282 Today , with in Qnap app Centre I have the option to "update" to ? FYI there was an option to update Mono what said to ( which I think I already had) and now it shows as version
  3. Spikemixture

    Sonarr 3

    I am on I think 378 0r 398 is the next one but not available for my Qnap TVS-1282
  4. Spikemixture

    Sonarr 3

    Sonarr 3 System updates is telling me is available but it will not install. Where do I get it and install manually? I am on a TVS 1282 currently running All good as now have 334. It took like 30 minutes when usually it take 30 secs.