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Description: Search engine rank checker for SEO <img src="https://serposcope.serphacker.com/img/screenshots/rank-checker-overview.png" class="img-responsive" alt="rank-checker-overview.png"><b>Unlimited keywords and websites</b> Because serposcope is totally free, you can track any keywords and any websites you want without any limits. <b>Competitor tracking</b> The software automatically track all the websites for a specific keyword, you can retrieve ranking history of a competitor at any time. <b>Local &amp; custom search</b> Serposcope can do searches from a specific city or country and view local search result. A lot of other parameters are customizable. <b>User account management</b> If you plan to monitor keywords for your customers, you can create user accounts and restrict them to a specific set of keywords. <b>Run on a desktop PC or server</b> Designed to be flexible, can run full time on a dedicated server, or used periodically on a desktop computer. <b>Proxy and Captcha support</b> Check thousands of keywords : support proxies and fail-over IPs, provide automatic captcha breaking via external service. <b>Open Source</b> Fully open-source under MIT license : use, edit, copy, resell without restriction. Access the code source on github. <b>Easy setup</b> Serposcope now provides a one click installer. The only requirement is Java which is available on all operating system. <b>Tip Me !</b> Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.
Créateur: QoolBox

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