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SysPass (Apache73)

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Description: Systems Password Manager (Apache73 version ) An intuitive, secure and multiuser password manager <img src="https://camo.githubusercontent.com/5d8666545ed3c3b95d65dfee8e1b50339997a04a/68747470733a2f2f737973706173732e6f72672f6173736574732f696d67732f737973706173735f62675f626c7565677265792e706e67" alt="syspass" class="img-responsive"> Fast Improved for performance and not relying in heavy frameworks only PHP, HTML5 and Javascript. It allows to install and export without any advanced installation requirements. Safe Password encryption with AES-256 CBC and using PKI to send them securely. Your data will be safe anywhere where you store it. Universal Available in Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French, Russian, Polish and Hungarian. Easy to translate to any language.
Créateur: Qoolbox

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