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Tine 2.0 (Apache73)

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Description: an open-source business software package covering the software categories groupware and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Main features: Calendar IMAP webmail client Addressbook CRM Task management Time tracker Synchronisation with mobile devices VoIP integration (click to dial) Provisioning of Snom VoiP telephones Course management for schools Filemanager CardDAV and CalDAV support HumanResources Inventory LDAP and ActiveDirectory support -- QPKG Inegration -- files are inside /opt/Tine2073/www on first you need to edit /opt/Tine2073/www/config.inc.php create a MySQL DB TINE2 (or another but you need change it in config.inc.php) by default it is set like this : &lt;?php return array( 'database' =&gt; array( 'host' =&gt; '', 'dbname' =&gt; 'TINE2', 'username' =&gt; 'root', 'password' =&gt; '896t5rcg', 'port' =&gt; '3306', 'adapter' =&gt; 'pdo_mysql', 'tableprefix' =&gt; 'tine20_', ), 'setupuser' =&gt; array( 'username' =&gt; 'tine20setup', 'password' =&gt; 'setup' ), ); when all is ok start and fill up the wizard (if wizard not display something wrong inside config.inc.php) once all is created and setup correctly you can log with the admin pass you set on <b>TIP ME !!</b> Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.
Créateur: Qoolbox

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