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OpenStack Swift Client/Server

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Description: A distributed object storage system designed to scale from a single machine to thousands of servers. Swift is optimized for multi-tenancy and high concurrency. Swift is ideal for backups, web and mobile content, and any other unstructured data that can grow without bound. Swift provides a simple, REST-based API fully documented at https://docs.openstack.org/swift/latest/. Swift was originally developed as the basis for Rackspace's Cloud Files and was open-sourced in 2010 as part of the OpenStack project. It has since grown to include contributions from many companies and has spawned a thriving ecosystem of 3rd party tools. Swift's contributors are listed in the AUTHORS file. documentation : https://docs.openstack.org/swift/latest/. QPKG Integration : the following command line are included and added to NAS $PATH swift swift-account-audit swift-account-auditor swift-account-info swift-account-reaper swift-account-replicator swift-account-server swift-config swift-container-auditor swift-container-deleter swift-container-info swift-container-reconciler swift-container-replicator swift-container-server swift-container-sharder swift-container-sync swift-container-updater swift-dispersion-populate swift-dispersion-report swift-drive-audit swift-form-signature swift-get-nodes swift-init swift-manage-shard-ranges swift-object-auditor swift-object-expirer swift-object-info swift-object-reconstructor swift-object-relinker swift-object-replicator swift-object-server swift-object-updater swift-oldies swift-orphans swift-proxy-server swift-recon swift-recon-cron swift-reconciler-enqueue swift-ring-builder swift-ring-builder-analyzer swift-ring-composer <b>TIP ME !!</b> Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.
Créateur: QoolBox

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