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Description: minisatip is an SATIP server for linux using local DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T or ATSC cards Minisatip is a multi-threaded satip server version 1.2 that runs under Linux and it was tested with DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-C2, ATSC and ISDB-T cards. The protocol specification can be found at: http://satip.info/sites/satip/files/resource/satip_specification_version_1_2_2.pdf It is very lightweight (designed for embedded systems with memory and processing constrains), does not need any additional libraries for basic functionality and can be used by existing satip clients like: Tvheadend, DVBViewer, vdr, VideoLAN or Android/iOS applications. Minisatip can act as a satip client as well in order to connect to satip servers from different networks. The application is designed to stream the requested data to multiple clients (even with one dvb card) in the same time while opening different pids. --- Commande line only added to NAS $PATH (static build) minisatip --help minisatip version 1.0.2-72bc27e, compiled with s2api version: 050A [03/02 13:12:30.178]: Built with dvbcsa [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with CI [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with dvbapi [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with AES (OpenSSL) [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with tables processing [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with pmt processing [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with satip client [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with linux dvb client [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built with backtrace [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built without netceiver [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built without ddci [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built without t2mi [03/02 13:12:30.179]: Built for satip-axe ./minisatip [-[fgtzE]] [-a x:y:z] [-b X:Y] [-B X] [-H X:Y] [-d A:C-U ] [-D device_id] [-e X-Y,Z] [-i prio] [-[uj] A1:S1-F1[-PIN]] [-m mac] [-P port] [-l module1[,module2]] [-v module1[,module2]][-o oscam_host:dvbapi_port] [-p public_host] [-r remote_rtp_host] [-R document_root] [-s [*][DELSYS:][FE_ID@][source_ip/]host[:port] [-u A1:S1-F1[-PIN]] [-L A1:low-high-switch] [-w http_server[:port]] [-7 M1:S1[,M2:S2]] [-A SRC1:INP1:DISEQC1[,SRC2:INP2:DISEQC2]] [-x http_port] [-X xml_path] [-y rtsp_port]
Créateur: QoolBox

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