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[Official Firmware] Nmp-1000P V1.1.2 Build0125



Pour Information : LES LIENS DE TÉLÉCHARGEMENT sont dans le "quote" en bas (soulignés)

[Version & Build]

NMP-1000P v1.1.2 Build0125


PAL: 1216639742

NTSC: 2707647146

[What's New]

- Media Jukebox

1. Automatic download of movie covers, synopsis, and related information

2. Quickly find your favorite movie, music, or photos by genre, actor, director, artist, keyword, and etc.

3. Editable movie, music, and photo information such as covers, titles, artists, and etc. via web interface

4. Now Playing page that displays the current media information

5. Web-based library viewer

- Web-based Remote Control

1. Remotely control NMP playback via PC web browser

2. Display VFD text on the web interface

3. Input text via PC web browser


- Support playback of MKV files that have header compression

- Add NTFS file system check function during system boot

- Photo browsing by keywords

- Support new Wi-Fi USB dongles

1. ZyXEL NWD2105EE

2. Buffalo WLI-UC-GN

- Support playback of videos imported from DVD-RW camcorders

- In BD Interactice Navigation, press the [Audio] or [subtitle] key will trigger the simple menu during video playback

- Add default thumbnail icons for DVD & BD folders

- Support QGet v2

- Update Dutch TV strings

[Major Bug fixes]

- Fixed YouTube & SHOUTcast playback issues

- Fixed Windows 7/Vista remote disk connection issue

- Fixed AFP connection issue under certain circumstances

- Fixed file creation issue on NFS share folders under certain circumstances

- Fixed the audio fast-forwarding and rewinding issue

- Fixed the audio track issue of changing tracks in BD Simple Navigation

- Fixed unable to create up to 128 user accounts








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Une simple question,

est-il possible d'avoir accès à youtube sur cette plateforme ?

D'avance merci

oui toutes les vidéos youtube.


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impeccable si on peut avoir un accès au portail youtube.com

y a-t-il des possibilités d'avoir un accès à twitter, facebook ou son compte google (gmail, calendar,...) ?

Non pas de possibilités à ce niveau.


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Y a-t-il des applications alternatives afin d'avoir accès à ces appli (twitter, facebook, gmail)?

non aucune appli alternative.


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