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Mise à jour de virtualbox


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Virtualbox to 4.2.6 / phpvirtualbox to 4.2-4

ATTENTION ... due to kernel configuration change from GPL QNAP source
NOW only one version of module is delivery one for x86 (32 bits) one for x86_64 (64 bits)
**** I have tested this version ONLY on TS-x59, x69 series ... SO if you try on oldest Qnap ... ATTENTION
**** A good idea is to test with the QPKG Disable using vboxmgr force_start ... to start it even if QPKG is disable
... so in case of crash ... the system can reboot without restarting vbox
**** REMEMBER also that previous version (on update) is ALWAYS SAVED under /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4-old
... deleting the vbox4 folder and renaming the -old one ... reinstall the previous version

### PLEASE OPEN NEW POST IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM ... and don't write here ...

Doc in PDF explaining the change in version 4.1.10 and more INSIDE QPKG :

Please if you are new user ... read in forum the POST

******************** Download section are at the bottom of page ***************************

Read PDF to know to change the VM folder (not recommended for newbies)
Please create IF NOT EXIST, BEFORE install a new shared resource USING THE WEB ADMIN interface named My_VM with access rigth for admin user ATTENTION to respect the name (case dependent).
[EDIT] do not create the folder directly under /share ... it MUST be delete are boot .... /share are in RAM ... shared resources are created on disk THEM at creation and at each boot the link in /share is recreated .... [END EDIT]

Install a READY to RUN Virtualbox V4 (inside a chroot Debian environment)
Install the module need for QNAP kernel
Install phpvirtualbox under a lighttpd web server (port 81) to manage without X server your virtual machine
Using an external X server the X QT interface can be also used.

Debian Squeeze stable 32 or 64 bits depend of Qnap kernel
QPKG : New version name created by using Virtualbox version and -nn QPKG version
Example : ... QPKG version : 4.1.0-02 (Virtualbox 4.1.0 ; Qpkg 02 )
Virtualbox 4.1.0
Phpvirtualbox 4.1

virtualbox updated to 4.2.6 (see changelog on : )
QPKG change :
... Install procedure doesn't check for old or new (change from QNAP kernel provide)
... correct a bug in 2.4.2 prevent /share/Public to be mounted
virtualbox updated to 4.2.4
phpvirtualbox updated to 4.2.4
... seems that some problem exist :
...... have to refresh the phpvirtualbox during creation after vdi created
...... remember to use an external RDP client (remote desktop in Windows, rdesktop in Linux) to use other keyboard than EH
...... a rdesktop version (multi_language) is provide with virtualbox ... in /usr/share/virtualbox/ folder
QPKG Update :
... solve the vbox4.conf null file
... use a new method to determine the model ... so no need (up to new family) to use the qpkgvbox.ini file
...... uname is used to know if it's a x86 or x86_64 kernel
...... Model_Name.conf is read to search family models
......... contains 09 39 it's old
......... contains 59 69 79 it's new
... ADD 2 commands IN QNAP side to directly manage vbox
... vboxmange and vboxheadless
virtualbox updated to 4.2.2
phpvirtualbox to 4.2-3B
update of virtualbox to 4.2.0
update to BETA version of phpvirtualbox ... with some error ...
update of virtualbox only to 4.1.18
How-to similar to 4.1.12
update of QPKG file to try solving
-- vbox4.conf seems to not be created in fresh install (I change the test to be more robust)
-- just keep Processor and Model for future easy update ... (info only)
New QPKG install, configurable thru a file in /share/Public
QPKG use NOW full original shell from virtualbox ... depmod, dkms, etc.
Escape sequence
virtualbox is 4.1.12 changelog :
phpvirtualbox 4.1.7 changelog : ... t&can=2&q=
Virtualbox 4.1.8
Phpvirtualbox 4.1.5
QPKG : just add models : TS-639, SS-839
Please read on virtualbox site the change ... minor release Bug fix ... Update is not mandatory
php RDP fixed but keyboard support are EN and GE only ... so for others use external RDP client ...
QPKG ehancement :
Add possibility to Disable the QPKG during boot
Add possibility to update QPKG only
integrate in the QPKG zip file of CHANGELOG and INSTALL Linux text file
Now version of Virtualbox and phpvirtualbox are the same (except for minor maintenance release)
Know problem with php RDP ... use other RDP client (Windows, Rrdesktop or like ...)
Maintenance release
Solve creation of .VirtualBox and "VirtualBox VMs" folder in /share/My_VM (stop vboxwebsrv working
Add support for SS-439 (tester needed) ATTENTION to have enough physical memory 1GB is the minimum.
... less, can run but Guest can be only very light (Dos, Small Linux, etc.)
Please look at Virtualbox Web site for 4.1.0 Changelog
All VM MUST BE in /share/My_VM folder (shared resource )
Update save the actual version of QPKG in a folder (to be deleted if new on works at well)
Manage 2 (two) versions based on kernel (32 or 64 bits)
... ATTENTION ... I don't have 64 bits model, so error can exist ...
Manage modules based on Model name (/etc/config/Model_Name.conf)
... ATTENTION modules are different for
...... TS-x59 series up to 459 (32 bits)
...... TS-x39 series, TS-509, and SS-439 (32 bits)
...... TS-x59 series from TS-559 and TS-x79 series (64 bits) (TS-x79 not yet available but source GPL are available .... so )
...... TS-809 series (64 bits)
Modules are provided in QPKG (/share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4/modules/MODEL_NAME/)
Add delay in umount to prevent unmounted file system on stop
Change phpvirtualbox version to 4.1-1b
Add command (mount, umount) to vboxmgr for maintenance (mount all needed mount point for chroot without starting virtualbox)
Bridged Network Works using the Standard Vbox module.
Solve all USB problem (dynamic List, or filter)
Solve NAT forwarding problem even for port < 1024
Change vbox user to root user, add vboxusers group in QNAP side
Add some command to manage update

[Know Bugs]
4.1.0-01 & 4.1.0-02
Console don't work in phpvirtualbox (know bug) ... use an external RDP program (Remote desktop in Windows, rdesktop in Linux, etc. )
If Phpvirtualbox stop with a GetRecentMediums error, clear the browser cache .
force usbfs before using X Gui (export VBOX_USB=usbfs)
problem keyboard layout in RDP inside phpvirtualbox, use RDP client ...
force usbfs before using X Gui (export VBOX_USB=usbfs)
bad modules loaded 4.0.6 vs. 4.0.8

Not need to un-install previous version BUT delete if they exist the old ... rm -Rf /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4-old
STOP vbox (vboxmgr stop) verify that all is stopped and unmounted (if not umount manually) (vboxmgr status)
****** In case of, do a save of your existing VM (export) or cp VirtualBox VMs folder to a safe place .....
IF My_VM does not exist (so it's update from version 1.0.3)
1 ) Please create a My_VM shared resource
2 ) move your VM to this new /share/My_VM folder (replace XXX by MD0, HDA, etc.)
... mv /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4/virtualbox/root/.Virtualbox /share/My_VM/
... mv /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4/virtualbox/root/VirtualBox\ VMs /share/My_VM (protect space with \ , or use quotes)
3 ) create the folder in chroot directory for keeping old version functionnal
... mkdir /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4/virtualbox/share/My_VM
4 ) create link to keep previous version running
... cd /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4/virtualbox/root
... ln -sf /share/My_VM/.Virtualbox
... ln -sf /share/My_VM/VirtualBox\ VMs
5 ) add mount and umount lines in /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/vbox4/other_mount (and other_umount) like this
... other_mount : mount -o bind /share/My_VM $DEB_BASE/share/My_VM
... other_umount : umount $DEB_BASE/share/My_VM
OK ***** now your old version is always functional BUT VM are outside the chroot ... so after UPDATE you can have access to your VM
Here you are if you run a 4.1.x version without modding your My_VM
Do the Update ... your actual version is saved in vbox4-old folder in /share/XXX_DATA/.qpkg/
... return to the previous version by a rename (or a link)
... delete it if the new version work as well ....

[Release note]
please READ the PDF to know how you can change install parameters
Please read corresponding Release notes on Virtualbox and Phpvirtualbox respective site ...
QNAP specific :
VM are dependent of your QNAP
verify the memory available or increase it ...
search if your system is 32 or 64 bits (uname -a ; write x86 or x86_64)
verify if your CPU support VT technology ... (No for 32 bits ATOM processor)
So without VT :
... you can't run 64 bits system
... you can use only ONE CPU per VM
... Specific commands are created :
...... vboxsh to open a console inside the chroot
...... vboxmgr it's a link to the use by QPKG to run some specific command
Stopping QPKG by disable button in QPKG menu is equal to vboxmgr stop; vboxmgr setqpkg_disable
...... vboxmanage ... direct call to vboxmanage command from QNAP side
...... vboxheadless ... same

[Resources & Licenses]
Debian :
Virtualbox :
phpvirtualbox :
VM preloaded Images :


Environment for x86 (32 bits) and (64 bits) : (for 64 bits) (for 32 bits)

QPKG itself ...

Video of Windows XP running inside QNAP : (require flash plugin in your browser ... please put your speaker highest possible or you don't listen .... )

Have fun.



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